100 idioms and their meanings

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100 idioms and their meanings

Like the last two parts of the video, we will first learn the meaning of each Idiom followed by an example. You can then make your own sentences and practice them.

100 Common English Idioms Phrases and their Meaning

So, let's begin:. Meaning - Describing what a person really feels deep inside or what is he like. Example - He appears to be indifferent to the success or failure of his children but deep down he is highly concerned. Meaning - Refers to a person with good intentions; even though the results are not that impressive. Example - The dinner she had cooked wasn't the best but she had her heart in the right place. Meaning - Refers to a feeling where you want to express despair, disapproval or distress, but you keep quite.

Example - She was quite disappointed at the sarcastic remark by her friend but looking at the situation sh groaned inwardly. Example - If he doesn't come to see me today, I'll have to beard the lion in his den. Meaning - Refers to a person who doesn't show off his emotions.

Example - He heard the news about his father's demise but kept a stiff upper lip. Meaning - Refers to someone who behaves in a crazy way out of emotions.

100 American idioms (Examples) - Part 1

Example - Your decision to go abroad for a year will make your family go bananas. Meaning - Refers to a tight feeling in your throat because of an emotion like sadness or gratitude. Example - After all the hardships, I saw my son winning a gold medal today - I had a lump in my throat. Meaning - Refers to a person without sentiments and sympathy for anyone. Example - He has become as hard as a nail after his brother was brutally murdered.

Meaning - Trying to regain their confidence or boost up the spirits after a defeat. Example - Raja is licking his wounds after being dropped from the Indian Cricket Team.

Example - His son is has finally become a doctor. He is as proud as a peacock. Meaning - Difficulty in expressing yourself because of nervousness or embarrassment.

Example - As her prospective in laws came to see her, she was completely tongue tied. Example - You met with an accident but look on the bright side - you managed to get away just with some bruises. Example - When his son was caught cheating in the exam.

He had to swallow his pride and meet the principal. Example - She came to pick me at the station at an odd hour. Her actions spoke volumes about her bravity. Meaning - Refers to not exhibiting any emotion where it is expected.

Idioms: 1500+ English Idioms from A-Z with Useful Examples

Example - He didn't turn a hair even after his office was raided by the CBI. Example - Her best friend stopped talking to her. This reduced her to tears. Meaning - Refers to a situation when you are sure that success is sure.

Example - The wickets of opponent team fell down very fast, vistory seemed to be in the bag at the end of 25 overs. Meaning - Refers to a situation when a plan or project suddenly fails. Example - It was difficult to get a place in the train to Mumbai. It blew up in the face when a train de-railed and blocked the track. Example - When the police announced a red alert in the city, the bottom fell out of their plan to hold a rally.

Meaning - Refers to something in which result vs efforts are too less.Good post. I became reviewing continually this website using this program. I had been looking for that information for a pretty prolonged period. Appreciate it and greatest with good fortune.

100 idioms and their meanings

This is very good I am teaching English on a platform called cambly I have just discovered this site and it is absolutely wonderful the students that I am teaching have never heard if the word idioms I am going to incorporate this into my lectures great work. You missed Two heads are better than one add that by December 26, or i will tell every one not to use this webcite. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What you just said is better than the other things you said Oh! Shoot: Oh no! Out of the blue: Unexpectedly Out of this world: So good, great Over my dead body: You have to kill me to do that, I will not let that happen Over my head: Beyond my understanding, difficult for me to understand Pain in the a. What is the reason …? You can say that again: What you just said was great You made it!

Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Pin It on Pinterest. Keep an eye on: Making sure something is safe or OK. What you just said is better than the other things you said. Pain in the a. Doing this homework is a pain in the neck. Taking something for face value: Accepting something automatically, not thinking deeply about it.Proverbs are popular sayings that provide nuggets of wisdom.

By using some of these popular proverbs, you can up your English language skills by few notches. This proverb is used when someone blames the quality of their equipment or other external factors when they perform a task poorly. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Example : When I was with her she always fought with me but now she cries for me on phone. I think distance made her heart grow fonder.

Everyone knows a cat has nine lives. Example : No matter how confident the team is, it is as strong as its weakest link — its defence. Actions speak louder than words, after all. Example : After trying all reliable medicines, he is now visiting quacks to get a cure for his baldness. A drowning man will clutch at a straw. Example : After losing money in my investments, I know which investments to avoid. It is rightly said adversity and loss make a man wise. Example : She gave up her entire estate on the basis of a verbal promise.

A fool and his money are indeed easily parted. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Example : X: I want to be a movie star when I grow up. Y: Film industry looks good from the distance, but it has its own problems. Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

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Example : X: How can you pitch my idea to the boss to look good? Y: Come on, all is fair in love and war.

100 idioms and their meanings

Example : You need to put your best foot forward in the interview if you want to land that job. Example : Despite his obvious lack of exposure and skills, he became head of the department because he is one-eyed among the blind. Example : Switch from chips to apples for your snack. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Example : The spokesperson of the ruling political party yesterday was shouting at the top of his voice on a TV debate, trying to defend the indefensible.

Empty vessel makes much noise. Example : The kids should be kept busy during the summer break. Example : Get the vaccination on priority. An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure. Example : A picture is worth a thousand words. It is easier to learn biology through pictures than through reams of text. Example : X: He was well-mannered, suave, and good to talk to, but he turned out to be a cheater. Y: Well, appearances can be deceptive. A person who is always changing jobs and places has the advantage of less responsibilities, but also the disadvantage of no fixed place to live.

Example : I think your fears are unfounded. You should travel to Italy for the Model UN. Remember, a ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what a ship is for.Meaning - Small but good start with a possibility for a bright future.

Example - With customers coming in, his new venture has got a foot in the door. Example - Ram's preparation for the final exams is going great guns. Meaning - Plan or project that has ceased to function and is not expected to be re-activated in future.

Example - Because of the revolt from the civil society, the plan to get the FDI in various sectors is now dead in the water. Example - The film hit the box office with a flying start and collected the highest revenue on day 1.

Example - With his hard work and dedication, he has made a go of his new venture. Example - With new corruption scams un-veiling everday, the country is going to dogs. Example - With a vigilant police force around the town, the plan of antisocial elements to cause chaos went up in smoke. Example - The partition of the country has left many people on the breadline. Example - The huge investment in this big project with make or break him. Meaning - Overwhelming victory received by a candidate of political party at an election.

Example - This opportunity can be your break through in the industry. Don't let it slip through your fingers. Example - His innovative ideas in business got him from rags to riches. Example - The tourism in the state was on the pig's back before the terror attacks hit the capital.

Meaning - Failing to take advantage of an opportunity because of slow actions. Reaching late made me miss the boat. Example - Let's be prepared for the worst but don't forget the Murphy's law.

100 idioms and their meanings

Meaning - Finding a place in the sun refers to a position which provides you all the success and happiness you want in your life. Example - Getting married into the renowned business family in the town, she found a place in the sun. Meaning - Wanting expensive things that you can not afford. Example - She always buys things out of her budget. She has developed a taste for champagne on beer budget. Example - The economic survey proved that they are the top dogs of the IT industry.Complete list of idioms for kids including all common slang, idiomatic expressions and phrases which are related to kids or used by kids.

Download as PDF to Print this list. It's merely a slap on his wrist. Bob's your uncle Meaning: the idiom used to highlight how simply or quickly something can be done Example: Bob's your unclejust open it and then boil it to make a tasty soup. Read on. Idioms for Kids Complete list of idioms for kids including all common slang, idiomatic expressions and phrases which are related to kids or used by kids.

Download as PDF to Print this list 1. Idiom of the Day yes man yes man Meaning a person who only agrees with the crowd or a group of people in order to please them or look good in front of them Latest Idioms anything but square peg in a round hole hit or miss silver lining in the air.

Like Facebook Page. Idioms of Interest once in a blue moon 22 can't judge a book by its cover 21 chew the fat 20 actions speak louder than words 20 hit the nail on the head Latest Thoughts Anonymous on catch Krishika Agarwal on birds of a feather flock together I write with a calligraphy pen on dot the i's and cross the t's Anonymous on catch Old school on chew the fat.

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Log In Sign Up. Janak Tamang. You are not very good at that. You could definitely not do it professionally. An easy way to earn money regularly. Trying to do something that is too difficult or time consuming to finish. Just be sure that you don't bite off more than you can chew.

100 idioms and their meanings

I'd like to explain what happened, just to clear the air. We really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find them. He's a real class act. Why don't you clean up your act? If you want to keep this job, you must get your act together. Spring is in the air. I thought he was going to go ape.

Your situation seems to fall into a grey area. Everyone was up in arms over the government decision. She acts friendly but she's always going behind someone's back.

It seems very plain and uncomfortable. Oh well, each to his own. He sure is an eager beaver. What an early bird.

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So far, we have just begun to scratch the surface. Hide from him.Eat, sleep and breathe something - Meaning - Being so enthusiastic and passionate about somehting that you think about it all the time. Example - My son has recently learnt cycling.

He eats, sleeps and breathes it now. Meaning - When you are delighted and eager to go somewhere, you are said to go with bells on.

40 Popular Idioms And Their Meanings

Example - The new year party at the beach is most awaited. I will be there - with bells on. Meaning - When a feeling is very intense and exciting, it is said to be at a fever pitch. Example - His love for music had reached a fever pitch before he became a world known musician.

Meaning - Something that requires a lot of effort and hard work. Example - Being the team of Indian cricket team is not just a matter of luck for him, it is his blood, sweat and tears which has got him here. Example - He has just got engaged. Now, he has his fiance on his brain all the time. Example - Flinging himself into the exercise routine is the reason for his good physique.

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Meaning - Being very eager and enthusiastic about the idea of doing something. Example - My kids wish to see the animals. They are raring to go to zoo. Example - The office now has a strict policy about xerox subsidy. Example - Reema saw her jwellery and cash missing from the almirah. After the initial shock, she got a grip on herself and called up the police. Meaning - Continuing to do something in a very difficult situation.

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Example - The market of watches has suffered a big loss after the arrival of mobile phones. The survivors are just hanging on by their fingernails. Meaning - Doing everything you can to make something successful. Example - The deadline for the project is fast arriving; we have pulled out all the stops for timely completion. Meaning - Doing some hard work with determination and full attention. Example - Getting through the exam for civil services is possible when you have buckled down yourself.

Example - John and his friends had decided to voice their opinion against the new economic policy. John was the first one to be out of the gate. Meaning - Exhibiting talent and ability that will lead to a successful future. Example - Rakesh was a performer at the school sports club. It was obvious that he was going places. Example - He has not become a renowned cardiologist just by chance.

He has his heart set on it after his father passed away with a cardiac arrest. Example - The police have made a headway with their investigation in the terror attack on the city last friday.


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